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Words of Wisdom with PrinceLil

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What's up Emoclique?! Today we have the wonderful opportunity to interview PrinceLil and catch up from our last interview.

1. What are some of your current goals?

I don't really have goals, I just focus on where I'm heading.

2. What is some advice that you'd give to an aspiring influencer?

Some advice I'd give to an aspiring influencer is to keep going and not get discouraged because sometimes when you don't hit the numbers you expect to hit or you don't get as much support it gets discouraging, but you just gotta be consistent at your craft.

3. How has your music career been?

As far as my music career I feel like it hasn't really begin yet. I'm still an upcoming artist trying to get my music out to the world.

4. What are some marketing strategies that you would suggest to aspiring musicians?

Some marketing strategies I would suggest to another artist is to pay attention to social media. Pay attention to what's trending and what content your fanbase is interested in seeing.

Instagram: @prince.lil9

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