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Who is Yay Moody?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Yay Moody, an upcoming artist from Bay Area, CA is here with us today to catch up on what's been occurring within his brand.

When asked what inspired him to pursue music, the following was stated.

"Music for me, began as a method to vent about my emotions. I never been the type to open up to individuals directly, but through music, it’s so much easier."

My first song was “Loved”. I released it on 5/28/21. I wrote that song because at that time I’ve felt that people in general, did not tend to love at the same level or intensity that I loved them. I also was dealing with a breakup at the time, which was the fuel for me to use music as a venting method.

In terms of inspiration, public figures such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z, and Nas played a vital role for creating such meaningful art.

In the same manner, outside of being a recording artist Yay Moody is pursuing musical engineering as well.

"I engineer my own sound from recording to mixing and mastering. I make my own cover arts, and now I manage my own marketing campaign on multiple platforms. My work ethic is unmatched. A lot of people either lack lyricism or delivery."

During an age of repetitive bars, Yay Moody definitely brings something different to the table that many have not seen for a while...

Instagram: @yaymoody

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