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Who is Toomanyflowers?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Toomanyflowers, a talent-act, is here with us today to describe his inspirations and much more in this latest interview.

When asked who inspires him, the following was stated...

"I'm inspired by a lot of older music, New York rap ****, and European drill. Mach-Hommy is in constant rotation for me, as well as POLO PERCS. The only two people I think you can really hear in my music are Knxwledge and Kanye."

In addition, the producer cites the importance of longevity rather than encountering the phenomenon known as "overnight success".

Furthermore, TMF also describes why he decided to purse a career soles as a producer. As well as his take on marketing towards new-age production.

"I intensely dislike the modern paradigm of how producers are supposed to act and do business. I'm not trying to be a name that twenty people read in the liner notes of a Kodak Black album that nobody gives a ***** about."

"I want people to come for my beats. I want people to hear me say "**** that's a Toomanyflowers beat."

Instagram; @toomanyflowers__

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