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Who is BiggBenz?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How did you obtain your stage name?

"The name started my freshman year of high school and it just stuck with me so when it came to choosing a stage name it only made sense to use it".

How long have you been creating music for?

"I've been creating my music since mid 2020 but started dropping song jan. 2022".

Every artist dreams of success, but is the hard work and determination that will only get you there.

Born in Orlando yet raised in Kissimmee, the Floridan artist is ready to drop music for the summer.

Why did you pursue a career in music?

"When I was a kid, I always dreamed of creating a sound that everyone would recognize. Once I started recording in the booth I felt more comfortable creating. Since then, the rest has been history".

It takes a lot of courage to put your self into the world for everyone to see.

Artistry sometimes isn't all that. There are plenty of obstacles that musicians have to face today.

If you'd like to connect more with BiggBenz feel free to click on the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @biggbxnz

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