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Who is Big HAN?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

A combination of entrepreneurship and musical talent, Big Han takes rising to the occasion on a personal note.

“I’m a natural born business man, that’s the first major trait I had… I been selling since I was seven years old so that’s something that’s always going to be me”, proclaims Big HAN.

Correspondingly, HAN describes his experiences growing up in NJ and PA outside of traveling constantly…

“From Philly to Jersey I’ve lived in like 10 homes, so I was always involved with diverse crowds and been through a wide variety of experiences.“

“I feel like because of that, I’m very comfortable in any room, whether it’s white folks in corporate America I’m sitting with, or on the block in any hood… and I feel like they can all be comfortable with me as well.”

As challenges will be faced during these unprecedented times, it’s important to be proud of who you are regardless of what negativity is around you. Only you can define your path.

Instagram: @han1hunnid

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