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Who is OxNxExZ?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today, we had the wonderful opportunity to interview upcoming musician OxNxExZ, also known as Eric Heard.

Inspired from the likes of Dr. Dre and Lil Wayne, OxNxExZ strives to new heights every day as an hip-hop artist let alone a producer!

When asked about how he came up with his stage name, the following was stated...

"Growing up, I was a kid on the streets at a very young age. I was very active and involved in street and gang activity. The older guys used to call me "Lil' One." Mainly, because if you were looking for a problem, I was "The One." What that name stands for and who I was is no longer me. So, I broke the name and added a Z. Instead of being "The One" to try, I'm "On E-Z" relaxing. "

"I also have more than 3 strikes (felonies) and that's where the Xs come from. I use them as dashes, but they really represent me still being here when I shouldn't be. It is pronounced every letter by itself excluding the Xs. OxNxExZ."

Despite the music industry constantly changing due to challenges from COIVD-19 and new algorithms on social media platforms, none of these obstacles has halted OxNxExZ's success.

"With an always growing and forever changing industry, it can be hard to keep up with all of the new trends. I find it best to be the one setting them instead of following them."

"So, I would say putting yourself out there, whether accepted or denied, can be an obstacle because it takes a lot of work. To me, obstacles, small or large, can be overcome with small accomplishments working toward the bigger picture."

Hailing from Joilet, IL Eric has been producing, writing, and performing his own music since 12 years old (2003).

Although it can be difficult at times to keep up with current trends on TikTok and Instagram, being unique is something that has now come a norm for many individuals... and that's especially true for OxNxExZ.

Instagram: @lacuna.pdf

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