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What's Sauce Papi's Secret Ingredient?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In this latest interview with Sauce Papi a.k.a. Jimmy Smith, the seasoned artist opens up about his past 15 projects and what to expect next.

"Once Covid hit, I lost my apartment in Atlanta, resulting in me having to return to Memphis, TN in a home where I am no longer able to create. This project, which was created in 5 days, was made as a sign showing my supporters and musical peers that I am still here for the long run and haven’t given up", states Sauce Papi.

Although it's been approximately two years since Sauce's last release, he's gearing up for his next best body of work. Through the ups and downs of the pandemic, a lot of careful consideration went into this upcoming project.

"This EP is, in a way, a small burst of pinned up creative energy. It’s not a complete dive into what my life has consisted of, but it was created in a climate surrounded by lots of gun violence in a city filled with a loss of hope. So you will definitely be able to hear how that has affected me mentally", confirms Sauce Papi.

Instagram: @sauce_papi

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