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What are you doing Malik?

Written by Alexandria Anglade

It's refreshing to see returning faces in the music industry this year. For Malikthesheik 2023 is just starting...

How do you stay motivated as an artist?

"Well as they say life imitates art and I'm a firm believer in that so I'm motivated by literally anything."

"You can't depend on nobody in life you only got yourself in the end."

While some might say that this is a pessimistic outlook on life, the reality is that change affects us daily.

The only two things that are promised in this life are your birth and death. After all that, nothing really matters to be quite frank.

Why do you like rapping?

"I use it as an outlet to have fun and simply have fun. Express my thoughts out loud verbally can be difficult for me at time so rapping is just that for me. A way to communicative effectively with the masses in an easier form."

Instagram: @malikthesheik

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