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WhackBoiii: A Journey from Gamer to Rapper

Written by Alexandria Anglade

The Unexpected Start of a Musical Odyssey

Musical journeys often begin in the most unexpected places, and for WhackBoiii, his adventure into the world of music commenced after a life-altering event. It all started when his ex-partner found herself facing incarceration, and her friends, who soon became his, offered support to help him stay afloat during trying times. One day, he received an invitation to a recording studio session from one of these newfound friends, a fellow musician. Stepping into that studio, he encountered an environment that would forever change his life. Initially, WhackBoiii aspired to write music rather than record it. However, when he attempted to pen lyrics for his friend to rap, fate took an unexpected turn. Instead of rapping those lyrics, he found himself encouraged to try his hand at rapping, a surprising twist for a self-described "gamer guy."

Evolution of Inspiration

WhackBoiii's musical inspiration has evolved alongside his personal growth. Life itself serves as the foundation for his creative endeavors, reflecting the transformative journey from his past to his present self. This development has honed his artistic perspective, allowing him to craft music that genuinely resonates with his emotions and experiences. In his own words, he now creates music based on what he feels, how he feels, and when he feels it.

A Milestone with "We Outside"

For any artist, certain moments stand out as turning points in their career. WhackBoiii's journey reached one such pivotal moment with the release of his song "We Outside." This track not only showcased the progress he had made but also represented a significant step forward in his musical career. The positive reception and the ability to effectively promote his work marked a new chapter in his artistic journey. Notably, the song received radio play on 93.9 WKYS, thanks to "Little Bacon Bear," and this achievement held special significance as it coincided with his mother's birthday, allowing her to hear her son's music on the radio as she drove home.

The Future of WhackBoiii's Sound

As an artist, WhackBoiii envisions the future of his musical style, placing his bets on the emergence of Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop as a prominent genre. He believes this unique style will find its moment in the spotlight as the music landscape continues to evolve. With his distinctive approach to music, WhackBoiii hopes to offer listeners a refreshing alternative in an increasingly saturated market.

Themes and Messages in Upcoming Projects

In his upcoming project, titled "iLLUSION," WhackBoiii aims to convey a profound message about mature decision-making in various aspects of life, from relationships to societal challenges. This ambitious project reflects his commitment to exploring complex themes and engaging listeners in thought-provoking narratives.

The Creative Process Unveiled

WhackBoiii offers a glimpse into his creative process, which involves entering the studio with a blank canvas and leaving only after crafting something remarkable. While this approach may seem risky, the presence of a supportive creative team plays a pivotal role. Collaborators provide immediate feedback, infusing the energy needed to create a song within a mere 15 minutes.

Technology's Impact on Sound

Technology plays an indispensable role in WhackBoiii's music production journey, allowing him to express his creativity freely. While he may not have access to all the resources available to major artists, he acknowledges that technology has propelled him further than he could have imagined just a few years ago.

Dream Collaborations

When pondering future collaborations, WhackBoiii sets his sights on working with artists like "Denzel Curry," "IDK," and "Rico Nasty." These talents not only inspire him but also possess the potential to elevate his artistry and entrepreneurial ventures.

Adapting to Industry Changes

WhackBoiii anticipates shifts in the music industry, foreseeing a return to its roots. With oversaturation and a multitude of fleeting one-hit wonders, he believes the industry will rediscover and appreciate genuine talent. He is committed to staying authentic and evolving with the changing landscape.

Exciting Projects on the Horizon

Fans of WhackBoiii can anticipate an exciting musical journey ahead. His forthcoming album, "iLLUSION," is the result of two to three years of dedicated effort, and he promises that it will be a rewarding listening experience. With his heart and soul poured into this project, WhackBoiii is confident that those who tune in will find it far from "bad" – in fact, they may discover it's truly exceptional.

Instagram: @whackboii

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