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Watching the Grind with EBEN ELITE

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Coming from Memphis, Tennessee rising producer EBEN ELITE has been staying consistent with his grind.

Currently, he is working on the following...

"I’m working on another debut beat tape (which I drop monthly), and lastly I’m also working on another live beat cookup on a famous platform."

How do you handle stress as an producer?

I often don’t allow myself to get stressed out, but however I make beats as a form of therapy.

In fact, therapy for everyone can vary.

Therapy could be you taking your dog to the park or simply enjoying ice cream with your little sister.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

"I see myself being one of the hottest producers in the industry as well as a successful entrepreneur with a string of successful businesses."

Instagram: @ebenelite

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