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Up in the Clouds with DayDreamer

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What did you grow up listening to?

"I grew up listening to gospel, reggae, and RnB music. I think it was reggae and RnB that got me so in love with the passion of music; I grew up admiring artists like Bob Marley, Phil Collins, and Akon. I feel that my music resembles all three artists in a way."

"Every individual artist has their own unique style that they learn and develop through their very own taste in music."

Your dreams are the key to your future. Your imagination will take you to a magnitude of places.

How do you define the soul?

"I think that the soul is our very own consciousness. That voice in our head that tells you whether you’re doing something right or wrong. Our soul is our energy, our aura, our vibes. I can read someone’s aura even if they couldn’t, I’m pretty good at that."

"Oftentimes, I like to reach out to people and ask them where their head’s at; I find that very important. Sometimes I’ll not only put my mental health experiences into my music but other people’s stories as well. Stories that I believe many other people can relate to. I believe it is our human responsibility to make sure our loved ones are in a healthy mental state; it’s a tough world we live in. That’s what makes a good soul after all."

When one thinks about spirituality, the soul is the first topic that comes to mind.

Your conscious makes up everything.

As a content creator, our perspective shifts the reality that we ideally would like to be in.

Instagram: @jbandzdream

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