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TuTu Silver: From Childhood Aspirations to Evolving Sounds

Written by Alexandria Anglade

TuTu Silver, a rising star in the rap scene, shares his musical odyssey from a young age, the influence of his father, and his commitment to staying true to himself in a rapidly changing industry.

Early Beginnings:

TuTu Silver's musical journey began at the age of six, influenced by his cousin Dezzy Dez, who was already immersed in the rap scene. Expressing a desire to follow in his cousin's footsteps, TuTu received guidance and learned the ropes, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for music.

Inspirations and Loss:

The driving force behind TuTu's music is a poignant one – the memory of his father, who never had the chance to hear him rap. His father's passing became a catalyst for TuTu's unfiltered expression, marking a pivotal evolution in his approach to music.

Turning Point and Comeback:

A crucial turning point in TuTu's career was a hiatus to focus on life outside of music. Upon his return, he delved back into creating music, stacking up songs for release. This comeback not only signaled a resurgence but also showcased his commitment to the craft despite life's challenges.

Evolving Sound:

TuTu Silver is keen on maintaining an authentic sound that is uniquely his own. He acknowledges the ever-changing landscape of music and aims to evolve alongside it. The absence of filters in his post-hiatus work reflects a newfound freedom in expression.

Songwriting Process and Message:

TuTu's songwriting process is deeply personal, with each track encapsulating the emotions he felt at the time of creation. His music serves as a reflection of his thoughts and experiences, covering a spectrum of topics from social justice to personal narratives.

Technology's Impact:

The advancement of technology, especially in the realm of audio processing tools like auto-tune, has significantly influenced TuTu's sound. Embracing these technological enhancements has allowed him to explore new dimensions in his music.

Dream Collaborations:

Expressing a desire to collaborate with Young Thug in the future, TuTu Silver recognizes the value of partnerships that push artistic boundaries. He envisions collaborations as a means to further expand his sonic palette and connect with a broader audience.

The Changing Music Landscape:

TuTu envisions the music world undergoing significant changes in the coming years, driven by a collective awakening. Staying vigilant and open to new sounds, he plans to adapt and contribute to the evolving landscape.

Upcoming Projects:

Exciting developments are on the horizon for TuTu Silver, with an EP titled "Super Silverr" set to drop two days after his birthday on November 23rd. With collaboration on the EP covers with Lacuna and a recent visual release on YouTube titled "Fetti Cypher," TuTu is poised for a captivating musical journey ahead.


TuTu Silver's story is one of resilience, personal growth, and a commitment to staying true to his unique sound. As he continues to navigate the ever-changing music landscape, listeners can anticipate an authentic and evolving artist who shares his emotions, experiences, and messages through the medium he loves most—music.

Instagram: @22bzofficial

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