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Tray Milz: Evolving Sounds, Raw Emotions, and Creative Growth

Written by Alexandria Anglade


Tray Milz, known by the pronoun "he," is back with a bang in 2023, ready to captivate his audience with a new project that showcases his artistic evolution. After a three-year hiatus from releasing a full-length project, Tray Milz has returned with a fresh perspective, refined sound, and an unapologetic commitment to authenticity in his music. In this article, we delve into Tray Milz's journey, creative process, and the exciting details surrounding his latest project.

Finding His Sound

Tray Milz's musical journey has been a quest for authenticity and self-expression. He describes his current musical phase as "the most comfortable pocket of music" he's ever been in, indicating that he has finally discovered his signature sound. His music promises to deliver real, raw, and vulnerable emotions that resonate with the experiences we all face in our love lives.

The overarching theme of Tray Milz's latest project is that of a "hopeless romantic" who values honesty and transparency in relationships. It's a theme that reflects his own values and experiences, and he wants his listeners to connect with these emotions on a deeply personal level.

A Unique Challenge

To ensure that his music remained untainted by external influences, Tray Milz set himself a unique challenge. He abstained from listening to any music for an entire month, an impressive feat given his love for the art form. This commitment was essential to ensure that his songs would be a pure reflection of his own creativity, free from the unintentional influence of other artists.

Inspiration in Paradise

Tray Milz's creative process also benefited from a change of scenery. He and his sister took a trip to the Bahamas, providing him with the relaxation and inspiration needed to complete his project. The tropical getaway played a pivotal role in shaping the sound and tone of his music.

Standout Tracks

While Tray Milz believes that every track on his project has its own unique charm, he does have some personal favorites. He mentions "Nothing To Lose" as a standout track, noting that it represents a different style for him, both musically and conceptually. The project's introductory track also holds a special place in his heart, as it never fails to excite him when he listens to it.

Collaborative Efforts

This project marked a significant departure from Tray Milz's usual approach to music creation. For the first time, he collaborated with several writers and producers, acknowledging the value of fresh perspectives and ideas. This decision brought heavy hitters into the fold, enhancing the project's writing and production aspects.

Transparency and Sharing

Tray Milz has embraced transparency throughout the creative process. He documented many of the studio sessions where the songs came to life through vlogs, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the project's development. As for performances and visuals, they are already in the works, promising to add another layer of depth to the overall experience.

Personal Growth and Maturity

Compared to his earlier work, Tray Milz describes this project as more mature. He has spent the past three years living, experiencing, and learning from various stages of relationships, including talking stages, heartbreaks, and falling in love too fast. The project explores more explicit and salacious topics, diving into themes like sex and cheating, which have fueled his emotions.

A Message of Unity

Above all, Tray Milz wants his listeners to know that they are not alone in their experiences. Through his music, he aims to be a vessel for the shared emotions of his audience, lightening the burden of heartbreak and disappointment. His commitment to authenticity and vulnerability creates a sense of connection, reminding us that we are all navigating the same emotional landscapes.

A Bright Future

Tray Milz believes that this project represents his best work to date, showcasing his growth as an artist and songwriter. He plans to maintain a consistent release schedule and explore his creativity further by tapping into his acting talents. Looking ahead, he anticipates that his next full-length project will likely come with the support of a major force, expanding his reach and establishing him as a household name in the music industry.


Tray Milz's return to the music scene is a testament to his artistic evolution and commitment to delivering raw, honest, and relatable music. With his latest project, he invites us to join him on a journey of personal growth and shared experiences. As he continues to evolve, we can expect to see his star rise even higher in the world of music and entertainment. Tray Milz is a name to watch, and his music is a reflection of the emotions we all experience, making it easy to connect with his art on a profound level.

Instagram: @traymilz

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