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The World of Limbo with Emsee

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Rising Houston, Texas artist Emsee has released his first official project "Limbo".

Consisting of eight tracks, Emsee lyrically paints the picture of repetitive imagery through beat structure. Hence the name "Limbo".

Highlighting trap culture and city-life, this project would best be described as hype music to say the least.

Emulating the essence of hip-hop as well, it is crucial to understand our protagonist's experiences throughout life and how these confessions articulate a sense of consciousness.

When one truly thinks about conscious. It can translate to our deepest desires or simply thoughts in general. Musically speaking, projects are aspects of that truth.

Compared to other bodies of work, fans of Logic's studio album Under Pressure would dearly enjoy Limbo. As both projects offer an intricate interpolation of urban politics and much more.

While listening to Limbo, I closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting in a JDM car driving to a city filled with people that are all finding their own path. Each track proves a different personality or deeper conscious that Emsee is chasing, hypothetically speaking.

A spiritual journey, if I might suggest, that only our protagonist is choosing to delegate as part of his journey.

Instagram: @emsee98

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