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The Upbringing of PICA$$O

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Talent-act PICA$$O is here with us today to answer some questions that his fans have been absolutely dying to ask!

The first question off our books would have to be who PICA$$O would love to ideally collaborate with as a main-stream artist of course.

"The main person I would like to collab with would be Lil Wayne . He’s my favorite artist of all time. I get a lot of inspiration from him. He’s like the Michael Jackson of rap. I think our styles are similar, we are two goats for sure."

In addition, when asked what was the first moment when PICA$$O began to take his music career in a professional-direction, the following was stated...

"The first song I ever seriously recorded was a song called “Scientist”. In the verse, I said “Mark my body up like a canvas matter fact call me young Picasso”. "

"After I listened to the song, the name Picasso just stuck because I felt it was a good representation of me. That song later went on my first mixtape titled “Picture Perfect”. I didn’t drop it on platforms so you can only find it on a app called Spinrilla."

Lastly, PICA$$O wants his fans to know that he undeniably adores there support and has tremendous plans for them in the future!

"I want my fans to know that I’m dedicated to my craft and to my music. I put time and effort into my projects so I never just drop anything. My supporters are always in the front of my mind and I appreciate every one of them.

"I won’t stop making music unless they are satisfied. I do this for other people’s ears and if I can get through to one person and change a person’s life or train of thought then I feel like I’ve succeeded with the music."

Instagram: @1casso

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