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The Upbringing of Kid Axe

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Around the tender age of eight, aspiring artist Kid Axe migrated from the country of Liberia to Philadelphia. Later on he would spend a substantially amount of time in Minnesota and Maryland.

When asked how did he come up with his newly anticipated project CyberPunk the following was stated...

"I've always had a desire to incorporate my pop and punk influences with hip-hop undertones. However, I decided to create a new genre which led to the creation of the CyberPunk album. Something that was fun and experimental.

In the same manner, Axe has dropped over approximately four-five projects in total. Which some overtime have been taken down due to progressions of growth.

I had released a song called Mona Lisa and it was received pretty well. Then I went on to drop a new album titled Kids Land, after that Before the Rage was released. I always knew the direction I wanted to go in and the sound I wanted to achieve."

"I took a break and came back with Take Me Plutoo, a work I’m very proud of. In my eyes its very different a mix of different genres. Up next is CyberPunk and I’m so excited for the world to hear it, I can’t even describe it, you just have to listen for yourself when it drops."

Despite Axe's shortcomings, he has rose to each occasion and continues to pave a way for those that uncertainties.

Life will constantly throw challenges at you, it's how you respond to each situation that builds character.

Instagram: @itskidaxe

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