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The Unraveling of 2Dope.Ty

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

North Carolina artist 2Dope.Ty is an upcoming musician from EMpac WorldWide.

In addition, the collective consists of Keonate Raheem, and KareFree.

Containing a laid-back persona, 2Dope.Ty is inspired from the likes of J. Cole, Montana of 300, and Kendrick Lamar.

Currently, he's working on a project titled "In the Meantime" that will be released to the public quite soon.

When 2Dope.Ty was asked would what he like to say to aspiring rappers or the youth in general, he stated the following...

"Just keep going. A lot of people wont understand, a lot of people won’t believe in

you, and a lot of people will ignore you. But keep pushing because consistency

leads to dreams becoming a reality. Stay outside the box."

Moving forward, if you're interested in seeing the muse himself in action, keep February 25th in mind!

"On February 25th Keontae Raheem, KareFree, and I will headline our first

show that we put together on our own. We hope to bring a nice amount of

people out and surprise them with the energy that we bring when we perform."

"It’s not an event you would want to miss."

Instagram: @2dope.ty

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