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The Tale of Two Friends

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Writing based off emotion is a form of therapy for some. Whereas for others, it is a solution to chasing a life with a higher meaning.

How did you attain your stage name?

"My name is Leon Rose and his artist name is Str8 Savvage. So we just combined the two in a sense."

What motivates you and your team member?

"We write based on emotion, experience in life or how we're feeling at the moment. We record and let our art breathe into life.

How did you guys meet?

"We are both from Chester,PA. Str8 Savage is from Feltonville (Neva Broke) neighborhood. I am from the McCafferty Village projects. When I moved to his neighborhood he recorded a couple of tracks of mine."

"Years later after I came home from a 2 year bid i prison a mutual acquaintance linked us together to record music."

And the rest is history folks!

It's amazing to see how coming together for a better purpose can impact those in your community.

If you have goals that you are working on, always remember to never give up!

Instagram: @savage_rose

[Str8 Savvage]

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