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The Release of Blue with DNDMC

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

The proclaimed musician, DNDMC has dropped his latest track, Blue.

Hints of jazzy undertones and R&B vibes, DNDMC sets the mood of nothing less than a serenade. A hopeless romantic at best, the artist goes into full overdrive with a sweet, salty bliss of emotions.

Available on all platforms, Blue reminds us of promising daydreaming that results in many unknown factors.

"Being vulnerable as a song-writer is one of the best things about composing music. The ability to be your raw, unapologetic self brings honesty", states DNDMC.

If you're looking for a similar song that shares relative melodies, Dean's What 2 Do ft. Crush and Jeff Bernant will definitely take you to that piano-esque wonderland that will simply take your breath away.

"I'm quite excited for the release of my debut album, D.N.D. I hope that my music continues to bring nothing but inspiration and joy to my fans", explains DNDMC.

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