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The Pursuit of Life with Youmidaswell

Written by Alexandria Anglade

On this beloved summer day, we had the wonderful opportunity to interview rising artist Youmidaswell. Currently, he is signed to EQ which is a subdivision of Roc Nation.

1. How has it been working with Rocnation?

"I’ve signed to EQ (Equity Distribution) which is a sub company of Roc Nation and I love the access it has created. The relationship I was able to form with Lenny S, Rel Carter, Rez, EB Johnson, and everyone in the Roc Nation family has been priceless. Being able to learn and grown has been the most important part of this process."

2. What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

When I was born my dad gave up an opportunity to tour with a major band so I knew that once I got older it was my destiny to fulfill that and here I am 4 tours later getting ready for the biggest tour of my life so far.

3. How have you impacted your community?

"In 2016 I created the “Youmidaswell Foundation” and to date I have fed over 1000 homeless people, donated over 100 pairs of sneakers to Africa, and still am able to go into every school and speak and influence the youth."

"I’ve taught Audio Engineering at Bill Gates HS of the future and was able to teach students to record and create income from music. I do frequent community givebacks and the bigger I become as an artist the more I look forward to creating opportunities in the community. "

4. What is your opinion on the current state of music ?

"Music is in a safe space right now. Creators have more power and control than ever and it’s exciting to be an innovative figure and a thriving artist in this era."

Instagram: @youmidaswell

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