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The Power of Music: A Conversation with Deozi

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In a candid conversation with musician Deozi, we dive into the impact of his music on people's lives, his artistic journey, and his approach to building a strong connection with his audience. Deozi, whose lyricism is often praised for its substance and deviation from mainstream norms, draws inspiration from his cultural upbringing and musical influences such as Kendrick Lamar, Kabaka Pyramid, and Chronixx. Let's delve into Deozi's perspectives on the power of music, his artistic vision, and his relationship with his fans.

When asked about a memorable moment when he realized the impact his music had on someone's life, Deozi shares that it was his friends and family who were impacted the most. They recognized the depth and substance in his lyrics, which resonated with them in ways that mainstream music often couldn't. Growing up with a strong cultural background, Deozi's music draws inspiration from icons like Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley, as well as his Jamaican roots as a Maroon from St. Elizabeth and Trelawny. This realization allowed Deozi to understand the profound influence that artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kabaka Pyramid, and others can have on their listeners.

As an artist, Deozi strikes a balance between staying true to his artistic vision and embracing new sounds or genres to keep his music fresh and relevant. While he appreciates different styles, he emphasizes the importance of incorporating them within his own unique style. Deozi believes that artists should create their own ships, each with its own distinct identity, even if they sail the same oceans as others. This philosophy allows him to experiment with new sounds while maintaining the authenticity of his artistic expression.

Deozi's favorite part of the album recording process is creating a cohesive concept, envisioning the album as one universe with each song as a galaxy within it. He finds songwriting to be the most intimate aspect, as it breathes life into his artistic body. As a producer, he also cherishes the beat, which he likens to the flesh that holds the blood of the verses. Collaborating with other artists or producers adds a dynamic element to his creative process, allowing the convergence of different universes to create celestial explosions of creativity.

In terms of connecting with his fans and building a community around his music, Deozi actively seeks feedback from his listeners. He values engaging in forums and dialogues with people who appreciate his work, as it allows him to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same spirit of his musical content. By delving into topics such as culture, everyday life, love, politics, and the ultimate reality, Deozi fosters conversations that extend beyond his role as an artist. His presence on various social media platforms enables him to engage with his audience and cultivate meaningful interactions centered around the ideas and themes he explores in his songs.

For Deozi, music is more than just a form of artistic expression. It is a platform for connecting minds and perceptions, bridging gaps, and initiating thought-provoking conversations. His mantra, "Drawing Endlessly On Zealous Imagination," encapsulates his commitment to living by his own creative drive and engaging with his audience on a profound level.

As Deozi continues to share his music and connect with fans, his unique approach and willingness to explore new artistic territories promise to captivate audiences and foster a strong sense of community. Through his thought-provoking lyrics and authentic expression, Deozi's music aims to create a lasting impact that goes beyond mere entertainment.

Instagram: @deozi

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