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The Power of Individuality with BIG HAN

Written by Alexandria Anglade

"The way that I've been uplifting myself as an artist has been just more so focusing on spirituality and getting my mind right."

For many, spirituality is not defined as religion but more so self-medication.

In today's economy, health is wealth. The more you are connected to your higher-self, the easier your ambitions will succeed into reality.

What are your thoughts on Kanye?

"He's always going to look crazy to the public eye because of his polarized beliefs, sometimes it takes a genius to point out irregularities before the mainstream media is aware."

Outside of highlighting the concept of accomplishments in general, it is up to you as the consumer to verify your needs before making a concrete decision in regards to whether you do in life.

"As an artist, I carry myself with integrity... because that's what really matters."

Instagram: @big.han_

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