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The Patience of Success with 6BROWNBEAR

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Coming from a family influenced by the lovely passion of music, Emmanuel Jones or 6BROWNBEAR was influenced by Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, and Jay-Z as an adolescent.

Ambiverted at best, 6BROWNBEAR is a voice for those that feel as if sometimes their personalities contained be defined by one single stereotype.

A lover of anime as well, Jones is excited to pursue his creativity to new heights as the new year is approaching fast!

When asked what type of adversities has he faced, the following was stated...

"At times, I procrastinate and tend to fall behind my own personal endeavors. Procrastination actually kills creativity, in my opinion, so it's something that I struggle with daily ironically."

Correspoindgly, 6BROWNBEAR strongly feels that the music scene is changing rapidly in a way where it's encouraging new artists to pursue opportunities that were not necessarily available in the past.

"The music industry has now created a space where it's so much more easier to create. Services that were once only available to record label giants are now accessible to the public, it's amazing!"

Instagram: @6abylungz

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