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The Origins of RightFlow

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Raised in Port Harcourt Nigeria, aspiring artist RightFlow uses his heritage to paint a picture for fans.

When asked about the origins of his stage name, the following was stated...

"I went through a lot of trauma and and overwhelming events while growing up as a young boy, so I use music as a coping mechanism it was kind of therapeutic to me."

"Listening to artists like Juice Wrld helped me a lot and his ability to freestyle inspired me to also freestyle and flow on the beat hence my name RightFlow."

Besides growing up in a third world country, RightFlow is determined to have a successful career as an artist and to connect more with his target audience.

As an adolescent he moved to Canada, to chase a dream we all know too well.

"I’m from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and growing up in the south side of a third world country in Africa is obviously very tough."

"The people of city are based on afro beats and that’s why I moved to Canada to pursue my rap career."

What makes you different from the rest upcoming artists and how can you change the music industry?

"I feel like I’m more authentic and talented you know? Most of these rappers just wanna go viral for the fame and the money."

"I want to influence the industry positively and change the narrative of what being a rapper means."

Instagram: @rightflow

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