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The Origins of Grind House Music Group

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing from South Florida, Broward County artist KG is multifaceted in many ways. Founder of the notorious collective Grind House Music Group, he's here to make his mark.

When asked what inspired him to launch GHMG, the following was stated...

"About three years ago I was at a point in my career where I felt it was time to build a empire of talented determined individuals, everyone focused on the same goal, with all things considered I still feel like this was a life changing decision."

As of right now, the group currently consistent of: @itsyaboykg_,, @marathonx2, @icycracy, @diording__, @sailorsantanax, @darealwaldo, @flackoocean, and @ayeprimo.

In terms of obstacles, the group has been quite perseverant, despite the challenges that have arose from COVID-19.

"At this point it's just about getting the proper promotion...everything else will fall together. Everything that we're doing now is all next level, once our audience sees that, it's over", says KG.

Correspondingly, make sure to be on the lookout for OG prodigy which will be dropping May 28th!

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