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The Origins of Bulletproof Soul

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Bulletproof Soul’s highly anticipated album, Grasping Things at the Root, is set for release on July 28, 2023.

For those that may be unaware; Bulletproof Soul is an Independent Music Label, Art Collective, Online Publication, Film Studio & curation for the soul of popularcultureand community.

Bulletproof Soul (also known as BPS) conglomerate was founded by Austin Moore-Farrow, as a support system for popular culture, a safe space giving more opportunities to independent artists, and to prioritize the artist in entertainment industries.

Coming out of the underground music scene, it is rare to see collectives in such an organized manner.

“This is music for the people, by the people,” said Austin Farrow, Founder of Bulletproof Soul.

What is Grasping Things at the Root?

Grasping Things at the Root is a a 12-song album, roughly a 35-minute listen. The name is inspired in part from an Angela Davis quote. The album is produced by Lofty305, Nyyjerya, Austin, and Clark the Healer. Although the album is mostly neo-soul and hip-hop, the house genre and a variety of sounds are also embraced, DJ Sabrina’s track being an example. BPS will involve a variety of genres to welcome listeners from diverse backgrounds and embrace all cultures.

If you'd like to connect more with this amazing independent label, feel free to click on the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @officialbulletproofsoul

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