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The Narrative of Ny Santana

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In this latest interview with Emoclique, we'll be covering the exposition of upcoming artist Ny Santana.

When asked what projects he's currently woking on Ny stated the following...

" My second mixtape named Don Juan that I have set to release at the end of

December. Compared to my first tape “No Features” released in April of last year,

like the name, it consisted of none and was fully produced by me."

Hailing from Queens NY, more specifically Far Rockaway, Ny Santana originally began rhyming at ten-years-old. Before his mother tragically passed away, his parents heavily inspired him to pursue his dreams within the music industry.

"I know that I'm different from the rest because it's more than looks. I know I can do it all! I don’t follow the trends. I don't have the same musical sound. I don’t try to do anything like anybody out because I simply don’t see competition when I’m competing with myself", proclaims Ny Santana.

Instagram: @nysantana_

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