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The Mind of an Intellect with Devin The Ripper

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today we have Devin The Ripper to give some earthly advice as to how he grew his following on social media and his pathway to learning how to navigate life.

  1. Why is it important to grow your fanbase?

It is important to grow your fanbase because that's how you sustain your career in the industry. I've learned that regardless of the quality of music you put out you have to market it.

If you don't market your music, you won't find your fanbase. Without a fanbase who will buy your merchandise and come to your concerts?

2. How has your workflow been as an independent artist? Especially dealing with gatekeepers.

It's a grind. There are always going to be gatekeepers and they aren't always going to cater to you and kiss your ass. Not their job to. We as independent artists have to persevere through all of it and our own way.

You don't want your reason for not making it to be because "somebody didn't playlist your song or spin your record." You are in in control of your future. Not them. Your fans have a say so. Not the gatekeepers.

3. What other business ventures are you currently working on?

I have a fashion line, 'Hustle SZN' clothing. It's my merch line as an artist but also a clothing line I use to create my own original designs. I've recently gotten into fashion and I'm using that as a way to sustain longevity as an artist and make yourself a household name.

Years from now, when I'm no longer as active in music as I am today, I can still have something that will generate wealth and pass down to my kids.

Instagram: @devintheripper_

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