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The Makings of DubstarTX

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing from Amarillo, Texas the upcoming artist is here to discuss observations from his latest project.

What inspired your latest album?

"My latest album was a reflection of my childhood and also was inspired by the neighborhood I grew up in, Eastridge".

How do you inspire your fans with your music?

"If I'm being honest , I don’t try to inspire anyone through my music. I just do me, and I do that to the best of my ability. I always try to put out the best content possible in every situation".

Regardless of where you are in life, your fans will always support you.

Being authentic and staying true to your inner buddha as I like to call it, will provide you with reassurance as we all are facing change.

Whether that change be A.I., or an alleged new pandemic, you have control of your reality.

If you would like to check out more of DubstarTX's music, feel free to click on the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @dubstartx

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