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The Life of Tray Hadley

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In this latest interview, we'll be chopping it up with Tray Hadley once again!

How did the pandemic affect you?

"I'm blessed to say that the pandemic did not affect me in a severe manner!"

Unfortunately, for me and many others we were not as fortunate. It's always a blessing to hear other people's perspectives in times of dramatic change for sure.

Who motivates you as an artist?

"Nobody anymore honestly, nobody’s really pushing or really moving me anymore as an artist so I motivate myself and push myself."

In light of Tray's beliefs, album sales have dropped tremendously for upcoming artists.

Sadly, no one has the attention span anymore to listen to a full album anymore.

What is something that you want your fans to know about you?

"There’s not much I can really tell them about me that I feel would be interesting but for everyone or those who got goals or dreams to keep chasing them you never know what you’re capable of doing until you try, don’t think about it just go for it."

Instagram: @trayhadleyyy

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