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The Life of Ashley Lopez

Written by Alexandria Anglade

22 year old Dominican artist, Ashley Lopez is here with us today to bring a more in-depth explanation in regards to her artwork.

Born in Long Island, New York, Ashely moved to Georgia around the age of 2. Currently, she is a student at Georgia State University. In addition, Ms. Lopez is majoring in Film and Media for a B.S. Degree in Fine Arts.

When asked exactly what was her artistic process, the following was stated...

"I am in love with detail. When it comes to getting a picture from my phone onto my preferred medium, I click on edit in my photo gallery and screenshot the picture with a grid. I then airdrop it to my laptop and blow up each individual square to compare as I draw."

When it comes to inspiration, Ashley is no stranger to the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo...

"I would be lying if I were to say that only one individual inspires me. If you had asked me this question when I first started I would have said Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter whose self-portraits portray her life story. If you were to ask me now, I would say everyone. Every person that I have love for has expressed how proud they are, even if the work I might’ve finished seemed slight."

In addition, in the past Ashley has used a wide variety of mediums as well...

"I started off very small, with canvases probably the size of 5x5 inches. I wasn’t confident enough to do large pieces just yet. From then on, I have done charcoal pieces, paintings on glass, wood, and furniture such as the Ross table that my sister gifted me. Out of all those mediums, I would say that my favorite to work on would definitely be glass."

Instagram: @zepolyelhsa

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