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The Legend of TEYETAN

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Originally from Rockford, IL the now Louisville based artist TEYETAN is here with us today to provide us some insight about his life as a musician.

How has the music industry impacted you?

"The music industry can be tough for upcoming artists to get off the ground because the beginning is daunting but when you stick with it through the dark times you'll see the results."

Besides being a huge nerdy goofball, TEYETAN is currently working on growing in different forms of art such as painting for example!

What got you into music?

"I got into music about four years ago and have started to find my own unique sound as of late. I make mostly dubstep music but like to put my own twit on it."

Do you have any other hobbies besides artistry?

"I'd say my sound is chill but haerd at the time time. Aside from music, I love other arts forms like panting and I'm big into science as well."

"Space has become a big theme in my music because of how fascinating it is to me."

Make sure to check out TEYETAN's music below!

Instagram: @teyetanmusic

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