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The Legacy of Amazing Star

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Coming from Thibodaux, Louisiana, rising producer Amazing Star is here with us to detail important notes of his continuing legacy.

Is there anyone as of right now that you’d be interested in collaborating with?

"As crazy as this may sound, I want to collaborate with everyone."

"I like to see the thought process that goes into the product and how different people approach their products. I’ve learned a lot from working with producers and artists from all over the United States, because it gives me ideas that I might’ve not come across without collaboration."

"If I were to name anyone, I’d like to collaborate with Mannie Fresh, seeing the sound that he helped pioneer and the impact it has on Louisiana rap music."

Unity, which has been a dreamt ideology for years within the music industry, takes time.

Regardless of your creed, we all bleed the same.

What does music mean to you?

"Music is a form of expression and art to me. "

"I feel like my music shows who I am and what I’m capable of. You might hear a Louisiana-styled beat from me, and you’d be able to tell I’m from there by the sounds I chose and the effort that went in towards it."

"You might also hear me make a NY Drill, Detroit, Cali/West Coast type beat and hear it and be surprised by my versatility, but it’s an expression of how I’m feeling and the direction I wanted to take with the beat I released."

While there are niches for genres that are popping up monthly, it's important to note that we all should be kind and respect others regardless of our differences.

Instagram: @prodbyamazingstar

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