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The Landing of Nvasion, Vol. III

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Instagram: @nvasionrecords

Written by Alexandria Anglade

NVASION RECORDS, an independent record label from Cleveland, Ohio just released their third installment of their mixtape series.

Furthermore, their roster is compromised of Adi Rei, BMurr, Nelson Perron, DJ Davs, Loudz, Darrien B, Curly Chuck, Stoney Lonzell, and PressPlayMJ.

Correspoindgly, Nvasion Vol. III was in the works for approximately 24 months (2 years).

Although the team is fairly new in Cleveland, their dedication and hardworking is quite ground-breaking.

In hindsight, the team holds camaraderie as a high-valued quality trait in regards to work ethic and efficiency.

"Most collectives struggle with finding an identity and communicating their creative thoughts... we're proud to say that NVASION is setting an example for future generations to come", states NVASION RECORDS.

As the new year starts to come near, we can surely expect more invigorating content from NVASION RECORDS. Make sure to stream their content below!

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