The Involvement of Photography with Halhan Kringer

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Inspired by one of the many beauties of the world, Halhan Kringer's voice is essential to capturing the voice of Gabon, Africa.

When asked how did he get involved with photography, the following was stated...

"Every summer the living room enlivens with the prints from previous years revealing some of

the fondest memories ever engraved in my head."

"My uncle had this pretty massive piece of equipment (camera) that would capture unique moments and exotic landscapes during family safari trips across some of the most hidden treasures of nature in Gabon, Africa."

Having social media slowly replace old-fashioned mediums, the definition of art has changed drastically over the years.

"In my younger years going to high school, keeping up with trends and social media. Recurring

online posts had replaced the effect a print would have had. This new hobby of mine was

helping me establish a voice among my peers."

In terms of creativity, exposure cannot pay the bills unfortunately. No matter how much talent you have. It is crucial to know your worth and where you stand in regards to credibility.

"We are in a third world country, talent and creativity alone don’t pay bills and Photography

won’t earn you any respect from either family members or peers. The vast majority seeks

political aspirations or more clerical positions."

"I thank God my mom makes sure to remind me of the infinite possibilities that my mind could manifest, dismissing all distractions and negativity, focusing on the goals."

Instagram: @halhankringer