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The Intellect of Sirv Wood

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Feels as if 2023 just started...

For this interview we'll be having a sit down with Sirv Wood about his goals for the following year and much more!

As an artist, how do you stay away from negativity?

"It's hard to stay away from negativity because trouble finds you but I navigate through it by keeping a level mind I seen some of the most toxic things growing up I feel like that have a lot to do with me understanding the value in situations."

"So I could stand my ground if I entertain negativity I've been bitten by the negative bug.

Facing your obstacles head on is also another great way to evaluate difficult situations.

How long have you created music for?

"I've been creating music since I was 14... actually recording in a studio laying down tracks at first."

"It was just something my friends were doing it before it became a passion."

Finally, we'll be discussing the hot topic that we'll all been waiting for.

What are your goals for 2024?

" 2024 I want to be able to travel the world; performing my music and learning new things about other people while maintaining new businesses."

Instagram: @sirvwood

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