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The Inspiration of Femtai

Written by Alexandria Anglade

A frequent escape from reality, yet so realistic....

South Florida native, Femtai is here with us today to define her stage name and much more in this latest interview.

When asked, what do you consider your character, the following was stated:

"I consider Femtai as a chibi when she’s home , very under the radar she loves her sushi and cats and her funny shows. What inspires me most is I can start over so many times and try so many things that I don’t like to give up honestly, I tread lightly until I get used to it and hall *** for it like its a like a vacation in the Caribbean."

"And on a second note Femtai is very waifu material (if anyone know what that is) just perfectly put together in many mishaps, when someone hears this name i want them to think of how strong i am and what it took for me to get here and how much of a bad *** *****I can be ! Who wouldn’t want to feel that way ? I feel more liberated honestly."

In a world where self-realization and discovery is important. The ability to truly be you, should never be taken for granted. Our differences and ideologies are what shapes society and creativity as a whole.

Instagram: @mamifemtai

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