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The Inquiry of DemiDonThesaucegod

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What is the significance behind your stage name?

"I went through so many stage names haha, but the significance of it is “Demi” means half god and half human, and Don stems from my actual name “Adonnis”.

"And the full name “DemiDonThesaucegod” came all together when I went to a Ski Mask the Slump God concert in Detroit."

Depending on what industry you work in, your name means everything to you.

The meaning that we give ourselves sets an example for generations to come.

Going back to making music in 2016, the Detroit artist is passionate about his craft.

Regardless of what language you speak, music gives us a sense of emotion that can be understood everywhere.

If you have yet have the chance to listen to DemiDonTHESAUCEGOD, don't miss out and click on the link below!

Instagram: @demidonsaucegod

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