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The Ingenuity of GclassTv

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

GclassTv , a record label that's home to some quite lyrically sophisticated talent, is here with us today to discuss their latest feats.

When asked what is the label currently cooking up, the following was stated...

"We have projects coming up from all artists on the label, several singles from Nate Brady as well as a visual, Marcnerr has a dope feature to the remix of "Vibin" (Gorilla Zoe) to one of his records as well as a new edition to his single “Feels Right” and a visual dropping. Our new sign Ingrid Tiba has our first single and visual dropping."

Created by entrepreneurial guru Justin Ball, GclassTv has become a cultural trophy in regards to their dedication for perfection and integrity.

Currently, the GclassTv account via Instagram has a whopping 311k follower count.

In terms of new excitement, GclassTv has an artist from the UK that recently joined their roster, Ingrid Gabriella Tiba.

As 2021 comes to a close within the next couple of days, we can surely expect more exhilarating musical content from GclassTv soon.

Instagram: @gclasstv

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