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The Influence of LAY-Z-JAY

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Influenced by his west coast roots, the California native is here to take a stand in the music industry.

"Growing up and making music in California is fun until you find out how many people are trying to make it. The music scene is so flooded to the point you can't even push new music out due to over-saturation."

In a generation where going viral is more important than talent, the music industry is rapidly involving.

When asked who is LAY-Z-JAY inspired by, the following was stated...

"EVERYONE. The haters, the fans, and the standbys. Seeing all of it together continues to motivate me because I want to be better and make everyone around me happy."

Regardless of what obstacles our current generation may face, it's important to be optimistic when facing new challenges.

How do you feel about our current political climate?

"I'm not very much into politics. I find that it's a breeding ground for continuous disagreements."

Instagram: @_layzjay_

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