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The Ideas of Yunique

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How did you attain your stage name?

Formally know as Benji . I've recently changed my name to stand out a bit more. I feel the name "Yunique" is the right fit for me as it describes my personality, beliefs and ways of life.

Whether it's discovering the love of a hobby for the first time or exploring a new place, our desire for curiosity will always occur.

What do you love most about what you do?

Honestly I hate making the music but what I love most is after your done making the music you get to come back days or hours later and listen with a fresh set of ears. Hearing what you've made for the first time while noting the process of working on it has to be one of the best moments because it's fresh, it's new ... it's "Yunique".

For many, our ideal world revolves around our goals or moreover an array of ideas that we must carry out to create success.

What motivates you?

"Man, before I took any of this music seriously . My motivation was always for fun and just to see what I could come up with. As time passed I soon realized I was getting pretty good so I decided to take my craft more serious realizing I could make money and change the course of my life and family for generations to come."

Instagram: @official.yunique

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