The Fantastic Duo

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Over the last couple of months, rising talent acts D*Bligity and Solo Fourohsix have quickly brought vase amounts of attention to themselves due to their musical commitments.

As an Native American rapper from the Flathead Reservation in Montana, Solo Fourohsix delivers clever, consistent punchlines and realness in regards to penmanship.

Combined with D*Bligity, the laid-back seattleite that was originally inspired from childhood to pursue his dreams.

Fast-forward, their biggest song to date currently has over a whopping amount of 75,812 streams.

The song, of course, is no other than Solo Fourohsix (Alex Friedlander) ‘s single that was produced by D*Bligity ( Danny Park).

Also, fun-fact the asterisk in Danny’s stage name refers to Dan *Has Tricks* Bligity .

“It’s a tribute to the fact I’m a DJ first before encompassing the full spectrum of producer. ”

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