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The Exploration of Marsalis Davis

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Veteran Passaic, Jersey artist Marsalis Davis describes his experiences within the music industry and more in this latest interview.

When asked how was he able to begin his journey in the entertainment business, Marsalis stated the following...

"To be real, I never really saw myself as being a music artist in my life. My mind was always fixated on being a psychologist, NBA player, and other academic things but balling wasn’t life for me anymore. I’ve always been a music junkie until I met my bro Kev back in high school."

Once Marsalis became well acquainted with his classmate Kev, the rest was history!

As of now, the seasoned artist is working on promoting his music on social-media giants such as TikTok and Instagram.

In an uncensored tidbit of raw honesty, Marsalis opened up about a challenge that many rising musicians face in regards to surfacing as an household name.

"The greatest challenge I would say for me is the trash rappers ******* it up for us great and talented artists that actually make music and actually have distinguished unique sounds. Everybody wants to make music. I actually get irritated because the lamest ones get found or picked up by labels. Then you never hear from them again. [The] music scene is becoming, if not already, over saturated", proclaims Marsalis Davis.

Instagram: @heyitsmartty

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