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The Definition of Tay G

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing from Gary, Indiana Tay G is here to remind us about what motion is really all about!

What is the significance behind your stage name?

"Tay is a childhood name given to me by my family. People say my name is hard to pronounce so I started telling people my name is Tay. Then G can mean a lot of things like Lil Wayne and the F Yk. G is Global for BMOG the label ( boss moves only global) also the G can Stand For Gang gangster goon Godly but its for the listener to feel for like when they listen to my songs. Tay G Just felt right for me and natural."

For many artists, their childhood upbringing defines their musically experience for the future.

Whether it's J.Cole expressing himself on Forest Hills Drive or Kodak Black's Project Baby 2, your environment will either shape you in a positive or negative manner.

How would you define peace?

"I receive Peace from The Father God And Yeshua Jesus First without that basic moral stands I bet I would never have peace. Then My daughters and family. They my shole heart. Onna porch while listen to music and smoking so za rolled inna paper you know enjoying nature and life. When I'm getting money always make me happy too you cant go wrong with that I stay low key cause its a lot snakes."

Instagram: @taygmbo

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