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The Conscious Mind of Jahphy

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Raised in the DMV upcoming artist Jahphy is no stranger to the music industry.

Recently, the musician just dropped a new album that has been in the works for quite some time now!

His statement below describes some of the inner thinkings that went into this devoted project.

What inspired the release of your latest album?

"One thing about me that I'd like my fans to know about me is that my inspiration comes from my inner child. In other words, I draw inspiration from my myself to put it in lament terms."

Healing our inner child as an adult is one way as a collective society that we can heal our trauma from within.

How do you inspire change within your community?

"Be different and don’t follow no one else, originality is the best way to create, you won’t sound like someone else, look familiar , you’ll standout because of that."

If you have yet to check out Jahphy's music you can by clicking the link below!

Instagram: @jahphyy

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