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The Conceptualization of Shooting Star with Jxhar

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Jxhar, an upcoming artist from the Philadelphia music scene has recently dropped his latest single "shooting star".

When asked what inspired "shooting star", the following was stated...

"When I moved into my new apartment in Philly, I noticed that you could see a beautiful night sky on the roof top. One day, I felt felt and was contemplating how the concept of nature itself can really distract us from the problems that we face at times.

"I then decided to go through some beats on YouTube that sounded similar to Steve Lacey's aesthetic. That's how shooting star was born!"

In regards to the Philadelphia music scene, it is quite different compared to the rise in New York's drill artists from buzzing artists such as Kay Flock, Ice Spice, and Dougie B.

"There's definitely a tight knit community for the underground music scene in PA, once you start making a name for yourself it's easy to network with others around the tri-state area."

Outside of being a community leader, Jxhar is also passionate about his 7:22 album. Taking it back to the time of Jxhar's time of creation, the birth of this project is symbolic at best.

"From taking you to the streets of New York to telling you stories about my parents or even giving you the same pieces of advice that my grandma gave me."

"There are so many artist on this album and I feel like every artist gives a piece of themselves on the records. My boy Drumma Satch is executive producing it and its really sounding like something magical."

Instagram: @jxhar

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