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The Brilliance of Stephanie Saint-Côme

Written by Alexandria Anglade

As we're only eight days into the new year, rising musician Stephanie Saint-Côme is here with us today to converse about her career within the entertainment industry.

What are you currently working on?

"My creative team and I are preparing the visuals for the "Threesome- Remix". We originally recorded two versions of the song, The first one was a reggae/pop vibe with a steady beat. The remix is more of an afropunk bop."

As a Haitian-American actress and singer, Stephanie Saint-Côme is influenced by different genres in regards to creating music for the masses.

How do you give back to your community?

"I mentor and talk to kids at a small private school. I feel it's important for kids to see someone who looks like them reaching their goals. Though they are very young I encourage them to start NOW."

"Whatever their goal is in life, I encourage them to dedicate to it now so they are experienced and they can qualify for certifications and paid opportunities in the near future. We also donate to the Family & Friends account & Pantry that helps people in need from financial hardships."

I'm sure we can expect nothing but greatness from the Miami artist in the near future.

Instagram: @saintcome

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