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The Adventures of BigMotionP

Updated: May 25

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Born in the deadliest city in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee artist BigMotionP has a lot to get off his chest.

"I was Born In Milwaukee the Deadliest City in Wisconsin, I was raised there and I would visit Memphis and Mississippi often. That’s where most of my father's side of the family lived, so I like to say I got to experience both worlds even though they really aren’t different crime wise and street wise, but they are different music/sound wise, that’s why I like to say my sound is unique because I mixed the two to create one sound".

How long have you been creating music for?

"I starting rapping when I was about 9-10 years old with my older cousins in the basement at my cousin house on Hampton in Milwaukee, my older cousins would be beatin on the table and rapping and I would join in every now and again just playing around".

Regardless of your upbringing, it is important to always stay true to yourself.

As trends come and go, your distinct personality will always set an example for the next generation.

How did you attain your stage name?

"Honestly had a couple names before this one, like Smoove ( because I always had a way with words and girls always called me smooth because of my tone of voice and how fluent I spoke) second name was Yung Prynce (because I was always the youngest of da crew, I grew up around older guys) and I got the name BigMotionP because I been havin motion for years".

If you'd like to check out BigMotionP's music, feel free to to click the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @bigmotionp

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