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Teezy: Unveiling the Soulful Journey Through Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the realm of music, some stories resonate deeply, echoing the struggles, aspirations, and triumphs of individuals. Teezy, a rising talent in the industry, paints his narrative through the rhythms and lyrics of his music, offering listeners a glimpse into his world. In a candid conversation, Teezy shares insights into his artistic journey, creative process, and aspirations for the future.

For Teezy, music isn't just a career choice; it's a lifeline that emerged from the depths of loss and uncertainty. "At first, I started off joking and playing around with music. Then my pops passed away, and I was lost, just doing different things," Teezy reflects. "One way to remind me that I’m living and to keep my head on my shoulders was music. It helped me escape reality and tune into another vibe/feeling."

Teezy's creative process is refreshingly organic. "I typically just write what comes to mind when I hear a beat. I really just let the song speak through me, honestly," he explains. "However I’m feeling or if I smoke or drink before, I just go off what comes to mind." Despite the spontaneity, Teezy acknowledges the responsibility that comes with his artistry, especially considering his influence on others. "I have to be careful of what I say and how I’m trying to say it," he adds, mindful of the impact of his words.

Describing his signature sound, Teezy encapsulates it as "just me." Blending singing and rapping seamlessly, he crafts music that emanates from the heart and resonates with authenticity. "One thing about me when I make music, it will sound from the heart, and it will sound well thought out," he asserts. "I just give a feeling that it’s okay to be yourself. If you're not you, then who will be?"

While Teezy's journey is deeply personal, collaboration remains an integral part of his artistic evolution. Though he hasn't delved extensively into collaborations with other musicians or producers, Teezy values the input of those around him. "My engineer sometimes helps by saying, 'change this, do it like that,' a little coaching," he shares. Teezy emphasizes the importance of honesty and constructive criticism in nurturing artistic growth.

Looking ahead, Teezy's aspirations extend beyond personal success. "I just want to put my family in a better place and create generational wealth," he declares. Rooted in familial love and a desire for legacy, Teezy's vision transcends the boundaries of his own career, encompassing the well-being and prosperity of those he holds dear.

In Teezy's music, listeners find not only a melodic escape but also a profound reflection of the human experience. With authenticity as his compass and resilience as his driving force, Teezy navigates the currents of the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike. As his journey unfolds, one thing remains certain—Teezy's voice will continue to echo, resonating with those who seek solace, inspiration, and truth in the power of music.

Instagram: @get2movinteez


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