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Taking a Step Back with Joss Vacant

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Rising talent-act Joss Vacant, has some tips for musicians like himself on how to capitalize out on success.

As a musician what helps you stay focused?

"Setting goals and achievements for myself definitely helps my stay focused along with dedicating most of my free time to my craft. I’m always working."

What is your recording process like ?

"Typically I will go through beats first and choose one that I fully vibe with and one that fits my sound. Then I immediately think of melodies and hooks that would sound great on the beat, then I fill up those melodies with hard hitting but relatable lyrics."

"I don’t write anything down anymore, every song I make comes from the soul so I don’t need to write it down, I’m just the conduit."

Our goals define expectations for the next generation.

The youth ultimately shape our future.

According to the Fort Worth native, the following inspires him:

"Artists as well as just anyone who is willing to fully commit to what they’re good at or what they wanna do, that really inspires me. Just knowing that anything can be achieved with hard work is a driving force for me. "

Instagram: @jossvcant

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